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277.23 // GHN LiVE


GHN LiVE at 2100

Welcome to GHN LiVE, where we cover the biggest stories of the day and give you the facts without the spin. Let’s take you around the Galaxy in less than two minutes!

Jedi Temple, Galactic City, Coruscant – Protestors gather on the steps of the Jedi Temple over controversy surrounding multiple grievances committed by Jedi Knights throughout the Galaxy, including most prominently the recent murder of Mandalore Jhil Beviin. Shouts calling for the disbanding of the Jedi Order on Coruscant were a constant as police forces kept the crowd at bay. Only one arrest was made in the form of seizing a violent Human man who launched a large container of alcohol at a passing Jedi Padawan.

Rwookrrorro, Kashyyyk – Galactic Alliance forces are reporting consistent success against rebel battalions on Kashyyyk, as more and more of the aggressing Trandoshans are being pushed into the recluse of mountain strongholds. Alliance commanders say an end to the war may be in sight within the year, or even sooner if the elusive General Crerniss can fall into capture.

Jygat, Mygeeto – Aid 4 Mygeeto, a private relief foundation headed by chairman Kleiara Talish, is reporting significant monetary donations being taken in from citizens from all over the Galaxy. Amidst this notice of good news however, the organization is also reporting difficulties in extending relief to the poorest of Jygat’s inner city, as gang warfare runs rampant, a danger to citizens and relief workers alike. Calls for a boost to Jygat’s police force have been made, even so far as requesting the aid of the Jedi Order.

That’s all for tonight’s GHN LiVE. We report, you decide!