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276.19 // Unknown Jedi Sought in Triple Homicide

Security Footage

Homicidal Jedi As Captured by Security Footage (Enlargable)

It was a tranquil afternoon in Sector 77 of Coruscant’s upper levels. Some men and women were making their way home to their families after an honest day’s work, content to end their days with the satisfaction of productively good deeds. In the medical office of the respected Doctor Hu however, death and murder would loom across its halls, the product of a gruesome attack birthed from the likes of Jedi — the supposed keepers of peace.

Answering a call from a nurse who was luckily able to avoid the carnage, police forces burst through the entrance, eventually making their way towards the scene of the crime. What they saw were two bodies smashed against large boulders in a renovation zone, one laying still while the other was barely lit with life.

Crime Scene

Police Image (Enlargable, Mature Content Warning)

Upon initial inspection, both bodies were found to have large cracks of the skull, seemingly caused from facing a large force of momentum which brought them to collide with the piled rock. While the body of the respected Ugnaught Doctor Hu was overtaken by death, the body of the classified Human woman was remarkably still living despite crashing through the rock itself. Unconscious and bleeding uncontrollably internally as well as externally, it was soon discovered that the woman was with child, as the trauma had caused her to go into labor. Moving into action, the police tried in futility to save the woman, as she soon died from a combination of prior wounds and complications from pre-term emergency birthing. The woman’s daughter was born still.

Bear with us, viewers. After the remnants of turmoil subsided, officers began interviewing the unnamed nurse about what had occurred. We at Galactic HoloNews were able to obtain their most prominent statement:

Yeah… two Jedi came in. One Rodian… one was some… canine species. He came in for what was basically a routine opinion on his vitiligo. Anyway… he was diagnosed by the doc, and they both left. Pretty routine, right? No. A couple minutes later, I heard [Female Victim’s Name] and the doc yelling back in the construction area. I came running, and the two Jedi were standing right in front of them. Before I could do anything, one of the Jedi I guess pushed them with their magic and they both flew right into the boulders… I saw him pick up something, and then I ran. I’m lucky I’m still here.

Police forces were unable to find any traces of the Jedi, as there was apparently no monetary transaction made for the visit. However, from the security footage collected, investigators believe that the identities of the murderers may be discerned by the Jedi Order, which has since been petitioned for the release of the individuals’ identities.

Let us not play down this terrible deed, as this was an unquestioned act of evil and disgrace, darker than the depths of night itself. May true justice shine against these terrible, terrible individuals, and may they ultimately pay for their transgressions.

276.19 – Weltor Obula // GHN