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276.17 // Assassination on Trandosha!


The Planet of Trandosha

Terrible news today out of the Galactic Alliance as Ambassador Terrlaar of Kashyyyk has died from multiple disruptor wounds, the product of a successful assassination attempt early this morning on Hsskhor, the capital of Trandosha. During a traditional mission of peace between the two formerly-warring worlds, a Trandoshan identified as “Tsszq Nachkt” seemingly bypassed security by ascending a tall building, and ultimately fired three beams of energy down upon the single dignitary, all of which meeting their target. Though the assassin fled his post, he was soon apprehended by local police forces, but not before the ambassador laid lifeless.

The planetary government of Trandosha has since vehemently cried against the crime and has extended deep condolences to Kashyyyk, which has in turn accepted the apology. However, many analysts believe that both the Wookiee and Trandoshan populations have reinvigorated their sense of tension, with the people of Kashyyyk being outraged at the failure of security, and the people of Trandosha taking up notions of speciesism and Wookiee inferiority. Galactic HoloNews will be tracking this story as new developments arise.

276.17 – Keth Tohll // GHN