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276.22 // Retaliation over Kashyyyk


The Planet of Kashyyyk

In an apparent reaction to the past murder of Ambassador Terrlaar, two rogue Wookiee pilots attacked a Trandoshan merchant-class freighter in mid-transit to Kashyyyk, killing a confirmed four crewmen from the effects of a crippled life-support system. Following the decimation of the ship, the rogue pilots were engaged by official Wookiee military and, after refusing to surrender, were ultimately destroyed.

In a trade of roles, the government of Kashyyyk has apologized to Trandosha, however this time the Trandoshans have been less inclined to forgive, stating that the extent of the attack far exceeds the murder of a single individual. As the tensions of government are beginning to match that of their populations, the Galactic Alliance is working hard to keep each side from open conflict. Stay tuned as new events unfold.

276.22 – Keth Tohll // GHN