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276.25 // Battle Erupts in Okikuti

Kashyyyk Battle

Battle Erupts on the Banks of Lake Okikuti

It seems the inevitable has finally occurred, as official Trandoshan forces landed upon the prominent Wookiee city of Okikuti, engaging the local population in an act of war on the banks of its locally prominent lake. Due to the recent rising tensions, the Wookiees responded quickly with anti-spacecraft fire, though multiple landing parties landed successfully. Thus began the start of a bloody an passionate battle that caused hundreds of deaths upon rough estimates, as it continues on as this report makes it to Galactic HoloNews.

All official media has since been driven away from the area, as professional Galactic Alliance troops from Commenor have been sent in an attempt to stop the warring peoples before more conflicts erupt. Coruscant has officially condemned the apparent acts of war between two planetary states of the same union, effectively confirming a true embarrassment for the largest federal republic in the Galaxy. This marks the first real conflict in the Galaxy since the dark Jedi Rejok’s rebellion was squashed some five years ago; though unlike the ending of Rejok by Alliance commandos however, cutting off the head of the leaders is not an option to end this conflict quickly.

In addition to the forces sent from Commenor, the currently controversial Jedi Order has been contacted to send diplomats in hopes for bringing peace. We will keep you updated as this series of poor events continues.

276.25 – Keth Tohll // GHN