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276.02 // Recent Outlooks Positive for Dorin

As a new year sees refreshed beginnings and possible resolutions for many inhabitants of the Galaxy, so too may Dorin turn the page on one of the darker parts of its recent history. Though it has been less than a standard year since the devastation brought by ravaging dust storms sped through the capital of Dor’shan and other outlying cities, relief efforts have proven to be more successful than previously estimated. With ample funding sent from Coruscant and tiresome efforts being donated from many volunteers throughout the Galaxy, thousands of citizens have returned home, including of course the de-placed native sons and daughters of Dorin.

In particular, one man has been famously praised for his altruism throughout the trying period in the form of Baran Do Sage and former Jedi Knight Ergo Stomi. Immediately after the storms ceased their howling, Stomi opened his personal estate to over 20 individuals who lost their homes in the wreckage. Sharing the attention from his duties as a member of the old sect, as well as the responsibilities of a husband and father, the residents depended greatly upon him and his humble funds for the most basic of needs. Working hard throughout the day in order to keep all parties content in their living, Stomi gained much acclaim and admiration for his dedication. After Galactic HoloNews gained knowledge of this from the local media, I was sent to meet for a brief interview with Mister Stomi. Here are the best parts from our conversation:

KR: Good to finally meet you, Mister Stomi.

ES: A pleasure to be here.

KR: Now, housing over 20 men, women and children is a pretty daunting task wouldn’t you say, especially when you’ve got your own family to look after? Not to mention your own responsibilities with the Baran Do.

ES: As far as my work within the Temple goes, I was fortunate enough to have many other Masters at hand to assist with the students’ learning while I found myself unavailable when focused at home. It is a member’s duty to focus on more than one’s self, and that mindset happily extends to my wife Lnora and my son Vidra. They were beyond understanding and were very easy to tend to the needs of our guests.

KR: I’m sure you had some sleepless nights during those first few cycles.

ES: More than a few. However, I must admit now that most of these friends are leaving my care, I will probably have a hard time adjusting with the emptiness within my home.

KR: What prompted you to house so many persons so shortly after the storms subsided?

ES: It was an easy decision for me. All of us have been acquainted with the pangs of despair and worry, and we spend our days to keep ourselves and those that we love away from it. As a Sage, my care extends to all persons of existence, and so I volunteered to house those in need of it most. I only regret that I could not house more.

KR: The Baran Do Temple suffered substantial damage along with the homes of many, though it was quickly repaired with high spirits as a symbol of Kel Dor heritage. What do you feel is the future for your organization?

ES: The unfortunate events brought us unusual attention from the galactic media as a result of our practical assistance, though our involvement was nothing new. For thousands of years we have been a symbol of the enduring Kel Dor spirit, even in times where we fell out of prominence. Though we do not have the resources of the Jedi Order, we do what we can in honoring our people in times of both need and prosperity.

KR: That brings up a point I’d like to address. You are a former Jedi Knight and veteran of the Order’s affairs. Was your resignation and subsequent joining up with the Baran Do a result of negative circumstances within the organization?

ES: Truthfully, yes. When a close colleague and friend of mine left the Order himself shortly before I did, I began to feel disillusioned with what was occurring around me. Politics exist within the walls of ancient institutions, and the Jedi are no exception. In particular I found my home academy to be steered heavily from normal tradition, as administrative dealings with superiors were crass at best. With a desire to pursue other outlets of practice and learning, as well as to engage more in cultural ties, I found a warm home with the Baran Do.

KR: What are your feelings in regard to the escaped fugitive Eseleno?

ES: He’s an example of when a gifted individual loses their control in order to satisfy vindictive pursuits. Jedi experience pain and loss just as much as any other individual, and sometimes they forget their upbringing. Despite my own perceptions of problems within the Jedi Order, I feel the recent incidents have unfairly swayed the opinions of the general Galaxy against it. As citizens define a government, Jedi Knights define their larger organiztion. Jedi are overwhelmingly good people, and the few of them led astray are but the visual minority.

KR: Thank you for your time, Mister Stomi.

ES: You’re very welcome. Have a fair day.

You can see the full interview on my personal Holonet page.

276.02 – Kiv Ralgat // GHN