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275.27 // Aquitenne Approval Ratings Continue to Hover High

Caden Aquitenne, the recently-elected Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance, averaged a 63% job approval rating from his fellow citizens in the most recent cyclic poll. His recent approval ratings, based on HoloNews tracking, have shown a high degree of stability, with the cyclic averages ranging between 59% and 65% since his election.

Citizens cite the current economic state of the Federation as “greatly influencing” their perceptions of the current administration, closely followed by the positive character analysis made by supporters and detractors alike. Aquitenne falls short in one major area of polling ¬†which is the field of executive experience. However, that will undoubtedly change as the years continue to pass.

While Aquitenne has enjoyed his success, he should be wary of his center-right agenda. Little change in policy and a complacency from the strong economy ultimately hinders a progressive ascension for the future, which has been the clamor of the current minority in the Senate. For now however, there is no denying the positive following Aquitenne possesses among the politically ill-informed masses.

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