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276.05 // Critically Acclaimed Documentary Shines Light on Jedi Life

Critics from around the Galaxy left the Corellian Film Festival yesterday with great applause after bearing witness to filmmaker Del Drama’s enlightening documentary The Enigmatic Jedi: Insight into the Lives of Our Cloaked Guardians. After over 20 years of filming the lives of Jedi from multiple institutions, many spoke of the compilation as “groundbreaking” and “incredibly insightful”, among multitudes of other high praise. Here is a sample of quotes from more well-known and high-profile critics:

I never knew the Jedi Order outside of the history books, but after seeing this I feel like bringing my own equipment and filming for even more! — Vik Donovo

Incredibly insightful. The heroic mysticism of the Jedi we know went hand-in-hand with lies, corruption, and arrogance. This proves that supporters and detractors alike of the Jedi Order were correct in their own assumptions. — Regor Trebe

Perceptions will be altered as we are reminded of the people behind the veil of generality. — Ada Kerr

Most critics would agree that the greatest strength of this piece of work was in documenting the progression of individuals through time. In particular, the story of Jestn Kaalm, a male Zabrak from Arkania, demonstrated the most influential representation of change in the eyes of most viewers. From being an innocent child whose glee allowed him to love the holorecorder, to a very studious and cold young man, ultimately progressing into his ultimate adult form of a condescending individual who resented anything that would interrupt him from his solitude. His funeral scene dragged tears from many viewers, including myself, from great pity as well as regret for the lovable child within him, lost forever under the strict teachings of incited apathy.

Other powerful scenes include the filming of the flooding of the Mon Calamari enclave and the documented angst of Dantooine Jedi recalling the impact of Jedi-on-Jedi warfare begotten from the Secessionary War. Overall, the individuals captured various personalities, boosting as well as reducing sympathy and likability of the Jedi. Whether the compilation granted a net positive or negative view of the Jedi, we can all agree that we can now place faces on the enigmatic Jedi Order when it enters the realms of our conversation.

276.05 – Waknor Timbil // GHN