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276.15 // New Centralization of Commonwealth Popular, Support of Wealth Redistribution Debated

After cyclic-long talks amongst the populace brought its leaders to Bespin’s government headquarters on Cloud City earlier today, the Parliament of the Commonwealth came to an important decision to centralize their government by sponsoring one capital system as opposed to sharing the title amongst five. With parliamentarians representing all systems in the North and South, the decision was made to name Naboo as the sole capital of the Commonwealth. Surging past the two-thirds majority required for such a large amendment with 73% of the vote, work is already underway in transitioning towards government centralization.

The decision was met with overwhelming support from citizens, including those who reside in what are now the former capital systems of Haruun Kal, Bespin, Bakura, and Katan Ahk. Electing a Prime Minister presiding over the cabinet of legislation in the form of the popular Paol Selanne, many say that the process was fantastically smooth for such radical change. However, political abrasion would not completely escape the day, as new talks of wealth redistribution divide the citizens of the Commonwealth.

It seems our recent coverage of the plight of the Northern Commonwealth had influence in further political discussions, as several civil liberty unions have come together to lobby for higher taxes to be assigned to the wealthier citizens of the Southern Commonwealth in an effort to spread more wealth to the suffering systems in the North. As the groups claim the potential wealth redistribution to be a form of social justice, its detractors state that the problems in the North can be solved without economic change, as they believe the building of infrastructure and the free market can curve the negativity if proper incentive is placed. Many speak out united however against their perception of Parliament complacency with their prospering southern territories, as it is argued how it seemingly turns a blind eye to the less-profitable territories on the opposite side of the Outer Rim.

As the debates will undoubtedly rage on in regard to what measures should be put into place to relieve the Northern Commonwealth, the people themselves continue to suffer. May we pray that the new centralized Commonwealth be more efficient than its lacking predecessor.

276.15 – Zizuun Kr’t’fial // GHN