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276.10 // Debilitating Wars Still Impact Commonwealth

Tomorrow will mark the tenth anniversary of the terribly destructive assault on Mygeeto by the forces of the now-deceased Rishi, in which millions died within instants from heavy turbolaser fire. For many inhabitants of the planet, it will be a day of remembrance and sorrow, and while condolences will naturally be spread across the region, the attack still affects citizens today in their everyday lives. Once the strongest economic power of the Northern Commonwealth region, it has since struggled to regain that status despite multiple efforts for reascension. A lack of resources and a shallow government purse is much to blame.

Other planets in the region have failed to take up the mantle of the economic bastion, which directly affects many systems for the worse. In addition, The Commonwealth War of Secession, while further in the past, still looms over poorer planets such as Ord Janon and Bimmiel, where populations have still not regained their former luster. There are few systems in the region that can presently be considered as successful as they were thirty years ago.

With the more civilly-secure Commonwealth planets in the south of the Galaxy in a state of complacency, it looks like the recovery of its more unfortunate systems still has a long way to go. This has been an update from Galactic HoloNews, keeping the Galaxy informed one word at a time.

276.10 – Elharr Bitim // GHN