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276.26 // Negotiations Fail, War in Sight

Negotiations on Kashyyyk have failed perhaps inevitably, as blood has been drawn following a short skirmish with both sides participating. Reports state that talks were ceased following a proposition agreed upon by all participants to settle the conflict through a duel of honor. Curiously, the battle was between Representative Narachkt of Trandosha and one of the unnamed Jedi diplomats, rather than including a representative of the Wookiees. As this is but one present curiosity among many, and that we are relying purely on the military release, we do not seek to explain the occurrence.

What we do know however are the results of combat. With dozens dead on both sides, the Wookiees managed to drive the contingent of Trandoshans from the beachhead, leading to an ultimate retreat by the temporarily defeated. Representative Randaar of Kashyyyk escaped injury along with one Jedi, while the other suffered several gruesome injuries from the fight, though none serious enough to take life. The only casualty on the side of the Galactic Alliance was 1Lt Vex Averin, whose death is said to have been caused by crossfire. Lieutenant Averin was regarded by one Jedi to have done all he could to prevent bloodshed, though he ultimately failed in doing so.

Federal troops have withdrawn back to Commenor in anticipation of a larger invasion of Kashyyyk forwarded by Trandoshan forces. It seems the Galaxy will have to watch and wait to see the results of this unfortunate conflict between two formerly-allied systems, as blame currently lies on fate.

276.26 – Keth Tohll // GHN