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275.09 // Tell-All Book Reveals Corruption

Most of us remember the public divorce of then-Senator Zen Falknor of Eriadu and his wife and prominent actress Qela Alena several years ago. Though it was apparent at the time that many an odious insult was dealt between the two, Alena’s holobook, to be released in a few days’ time, reveals the underlying reasons for their split.

According to a particular claim smashed in between very colorful language, Falknor would often make deals with lobbyists for incredible amounts of credits, far past the legal procedures conducted by special interest groups. Alena explains that even if Falknor wished for these transactions to be secret, he would pridefully demonstrate his “successes” to her in the form of “extravagant preaching” while in the lone presence of Alena. She confesses that while together she did not wish to reveal her husband’s corruption, their divorce “finally gave [her] the courage.”

Former Senator Falknor has yet to comment on these claims, and though they seem strong, a civil case will be unlikely to surface. Our judicial correspondent Kivio Martel has explained that while there would certainly be cases against Falknor and even Alena herself for conspiracy, such cases are often thrown out due to a lack of evidence and a “tying-up of the courts.” Whatever the outcome though, this shines more light on the apparent dirtiness of prominent figures within our society.

275.09 Yidik Mualim // GHN