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275.11 // New Projects Completed in Coronet City

With the ever-increasing population of the prominent and historic world of Corellia, overcrowding is a constant problem. More and more citizens find themselves on the streets, unable to find the security of a humble apartment, leaving children exposed to gangs and spices that run rampant on the lower levels. However, after the passage of the “Homes for Corellia” bill in the Senate two years ago, the Sector X6-1 Housing Projects have at last been completed in the capital of Coronet City, which shares the bulk of the overcrowding dilemma.

The three structures stand as some of the tallest in the area. With their completion, they will be able to house more than 10,000 citizens in what is described as “a simple, yet constructive” environment for singles and families alike. Though the construction cost over 25 million credits, the government is confident that the projects will be able to decrease crime on the lower levels, and increase the safety of thousands.

We will not see the effects of these new housing projects for some time, but we at Galactic HoloNews wish for the ultimate success of this grant of sentient kindness towards those in need of it most.

275.11 Merkis Klune // GHN