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274.18 // Hammok Escape!

It has recently been revealed to GHN via information from Kor Vella Central News, that the infamous criminal, Larns Hammok, has recently escaped imprisonment. Having been locked up for the past five years at Kor Vella’s so called high security prison, the slippy criminal has escaped the clutches of the Kor Vella authorities and his current location is unknown.

Hammok was originally put away for a series of crimes including acts of terrorism towards government authorities for reasons he called and I quote, “abusing the power that comes with government authority”.  In his own words he mentioned that these people needed to be stopped and that he wouldn’t give in until his last breath.

Galactic Alliance authorities are currently on the search for Larns and are confident that with the help of the newly assigned Jedi, Larns Hammok will be put away for good. 

274.18 – Slac Vivre // GHN