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275.13 // Jedi Responsible for Damages

Ah, the Jedi Order. So mysterious, historic, powerful, humble, and peace-loving. For thousands of years the Jedi have stuck their noses into the business of the Galaxy, at times for the better, but in other instances for the worse. Recently on Coruscant, the negatives and imperfections of the Order were demonstrated when, in a pursuit of an apparent law-breaker, the Jedi individual caused a factory shut-down due to mechanical damages caused by recklessness.

The recently-Knighted Layto Kosroa pursued a rogue criminal who had just stolen some credits from a local patron. A just chase to begin soon devolved into a quagmire as the criminal entered the Jek’tono Speeder Factory in hopes of losing his pursuer. In his attempts to apprehend the criminal, Kosroa inadvertently stomped on a control terminal in what was described by a worker as a “large leap” towards his target. The commands entered acted quickly as many a mechanical arm swayed out of control and eventually split off of their groundings before the workers could stop the destructive actions. The breaking of the mechanics set off a chain-reaction of failing systems and sparks flying, effectively blinding one unnamed worker.

Yes, it continues. After some time, the criminal started firing upon the Jedi with a blaster pistol. Various errant shots damaged several completed speeders until eventually the criminal was caught by the Jedi. Upon apprehension, the Jedi started shouting at the criminal in apparent anger. From what the present workers described, the criminal was frightened and starting backing up on a high plane. After continued shouting, the criminal inadvertently stepped back off the end of the plane and landed roughly, causing unfortunate brain damage.

The Jedi Order has since apologized for this travesty of crazed events before an inevitable lawsuit is certain to surface. Aside from these series of unfortunate events, this gives us the pause to reflect upon the Jedi and their position within the Galaxy. While they may have certain characteristics that seem mythical to the rest of us, would this small-time criminal have been permanently disabled if regular police forces were after him? Are the Jedi absolutely necessary in a time of relative peace? Do they have any natural business in the affairs of day to day life?

We report, you decide.

275.13 – Chedd Are’chiga // GHN