JEDI HoloNet

275.17 // My Retirement

After a long career at Galactic HoloNews, our own Spencer Colditch has decided to step down from his post as Lead Reporter following this short farewell address…

Hello viewers. It has been 36 years since I first landed a minor on-site sports reporting job at the ‘News, and I still remember crunching credits to afford my two-room apartment in the thick of Coruscant. Even though financial opportunities grew with my gradual promotions, my passion for bringing the latest information into your homes and workspaces was always the same. Strong and ever-lasting.

You may remember as well as I the times in which I was welcomed into your lives, from the time of Commonwealth Secession to the bliss of economic rise and fall. Know that from my time spent here I have grown in many facets of life and that I have made many friends. And, perhaps, some enemies. Being on screens shown around the Galaxy was always a dream of mine as a child, but I could not have even fathomed the memories I would gain throughout the years. Though, all passions must eventually be put aside for new responsibilities. With the recent arrivals of grandchildren, I feel the need to dedicate more time towards enjoying the love of my family, including the blessings of my always-supportive wife, Jennei.

With this, I give my final farewell to you. Stay vigilant, and good evening great Galaxy.

275.17 – Spencer Colditch // GHN