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275.15 // Dust Storms Ravage Dor’shan

Startling news today out of the capital of the Dorin system reveals the effects of extraordinarily intense dust storms that lasted a period of one and a half standard days. With top wind speeds measuring past an eleven (11) on the Rivoc Scale, the strong structures meant to properly defend against fortuitous wind speeds gave way in their holdings. Several dust storms filled with high amounts of debris began to eat away at the most stalwart of structures, in addition to covering the streets in a thick blanket of filth.

While Dor’shan and the rest of the planet are no strangers to such storms, none of them have passed an eight (8) on the measured scale in over 900 years. Most structures remain intact, although many have been weakened to the point of necessary repair, including the historically famed Temple of the Baran Do. For those unfortunate souls caught in the storms’ wrath, survival would not be ensured, as it has been estimated that 240 persons (mostly homeless) perished in the tumult.

Damage costs range from 1.5 to 4 million credits, and the death estimates may rise as more bodies are uncovered from the streets. Acts of altruism have already been made as several relief groups from across the region have joined in the recovery effort. We at Galactic HoloNews have also made a very generous offer of 5,000 credits towards those in need of it most on Dor’shan, an act we do not wish to be laureated.

275.15 – Humil Tessrn // GHN