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275.19 // Dorin Recovery Shadowed by Jedi Misdeeds

As Dor’shan and the rest of Dorin slowly continue on the path of recovery, the Jedi Order has made up a significant portion of volunteer workers, mostly made up of residents from Coruscant and Arkania. Just as the reputation of charity and commitment to galactic citizens was beginning to tranquilize the debacle of the Jek’tono Speeder Factory however, a Jedi Knight was witnessed murdering five Kel Dors in a described rage, flaunting triumphs of a successful completion of vendetta before escaping the system, heading untracked for the nearby Unknown Regions.

Jedi Knight Rinne’selen’omare, a 29 year old Chiss male from the Jedi Temple of Coruscant, has recently been identified as the murderer through a confirmation of security footage by government officials. In the captured series of events, the Jedi approached a group of five Kel Dor workers with an ignited blue lightsaber within a community square on Dor’shan. Though the audio was not of optimum quality, it was clear enough to display the murderer’s lone statement before viciously attacking the victims.

It goes:

Your damned family ended my brother, and now the debt will be repaid!

The Jedi Council has shed light on the murderer’s motives. According to them, Knight Eseleno, as the murderer was officially titled, suffered from the loss of a friend and fellow Jedi three years prior on a mission to Dor’shan. Apparently the two Jedi were sent to investigate the underground dealings of the infamous Kretz Organization, a company often associated with illegal arms deals. Eseleno claimed that his companion was gunned down by members of the Kretz family before he was forced to escape, however the suspects were never convicted in court for their supposed hands in murder. It so happens that each of the five citizens killed by the Jedi were either related to the Kretz family and/or employed by them.

Knight Eseleno has since been exiled by the Jedi Council, correlating with a search for the fugitive by Galactic Alliance authorities. In an executive decision, the local government of Dorin has denied further Jedi volunteers from arriving on the system, mostly due to suspected pressures by the local populace. The overall effects of the murders have yet to be seen, however these series of recent events do not bode well for general perceptions of the Jedi Order.

275.19 – Elharr Bitim // GHN