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275.25 // Jedi Involvement in Outer Rim Turns Sour

Breaking news way out in the Outer Rim today from Mos Sour, Tatooine, a small gated town adjacent to Mos Kreetle. During the night, civilians reported sounds of blaster fire and explosions in the western portion of the town. The few who were out in the odd hours had all-too-similar sights of two Jedi combating blaster fire, slashing down the combatants in the middle of the street. On top of this, one witness tells of seeing a Jedi running out of a small house before an explosion from within all but destroyed the humble structure. He explains:

I saw ‘im running out like his hair was on fire, and then *BAM*, the roof blasts up to high heaven!

Luckily, the resident of the house was gone on vacation. There has been no release of security footage, as apparently nothing was mounted in order to capture the series of apparent events. Out of the evidence of corpses, most were dressed in armor, with one man wearing civilian clothing. There is no apparent trace of a body within the house, and the identifications of the Jedi do not go past their green and blue lightsabers due to the obscurity of the night. The local police force will however still look into the case.

If this story proves true, it demonstrates how long the arm of the Jedi Order reaches. Whether the true intentions of these Jedi were righteous or criminal, the damages remain as all of Mos Sour remains under strict curfew, the children of the town shaking in their small, sandy boots. Galactic HoloNews will update you of the situation as warranted.

275.25 – Vamaar Ichtua // GHN