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275.21 // Eseleno Unfound, Kosroa Indicted

Fugitive Eseleno

File Photo of Rinne'selen'omare

The recently exiled Jedi Knight and murderer Rinne’selen’omare has remained unfound despite strenuous efforts on the part of the Galactic Alliance to capture and bring him to justice. Reports have surfaced that the trail of the fugitive’s ship projected an abnormal hyperspace route through the Unknown Regions, supposedly running into several star systems if traveled. It is likely however that the signal was distorted in order to throw off potential pursuers, and with no reports of the fugitive arriving on the Jedi-occupied world of Ilum, it seems he has evaded justice for as long as he can keep his head ducked.

In related Jedi news however, Galactic Alliance authorities have arrested Jedi Knight Layto Kosroa following an indictment by the justice department on Coruscant this morning. Kosroa, who was apparently responsible for the mechanical damages created within the Jek’tono Speeder Factory and the blinding of one unnamed worker, surrendered himself peacefully outside of the Jedi Temple. It is predicted by legal experts that the Jedi will serve a minimum sentence of one standard year with the Jedi Order paying a penalty of several thousand credits in damages. It is unknown however what internal penalties the Jedi Order will assign to Kosroa in the meantime.

A recent poll shows that 43% of Coruscant citizens approve of the work of the Jedi Order abroad, with 35% disapproving and 22% having no opinion. While Coruscant is primarily hospitable to the presence of Jedi and that a majority of its citizens still approve of their work, 61% of those who disapprove cite the recent misdeeds of Eseleno and Kosroa as greatly influencing their current opinions. This indeed demonstrates how the weight of recent occurrences have enlightened sections of the populace against the Order’s presence.

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