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274.01 // JEDI Awards 2009

The 2009 Edition of the JEDI Awards are now over, all votes have been taken into account
and the winners are…

– The Chosen One –
The overall JEDI of the year

Corinth Alkorda

– The Amidala –
The most friendly and sociable JEDI of the year


– The Leia –
The best looking skin

Aknaross Myotis

Credits: Ch0p (himself) with contributions by Vantus Fayden and Blavek Araven
Original models by HapSlash and Toshi

– The R2-D2 –
The most productive JEDI of the year

Nivek Tholmai

– The Yoda –
The most knowledgeable and capable Force user of the year

Aslyn Denethorn

– The Windu –
The most dreaded swordsman of the year

Blavek Araven

– The Qui-Gon Jinn –
The truest JEDI mentor of the year


– The Jaden Korr –
The best Padawan of the year

Fane Ornn’ila

Congratulations to you all for this acknowledgment of your qualities by JEDI members!

And thanks to all JEDI members, past and current, for their participation and dedication during year 2009! you all contribute, one way or the other, into making JEDI the great place it is. So, happy new year and may 2010 be even better!

– The Jedi Council.