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272.07 // Dark Advocates Investigations Come to a Close

After many challenges and many losses, the investigations of the mysterious cult The Dark Advocates has come to a close. Their leader, a Dark Jedi by the name of Jolif Logana was defeated by Jedi Master Iyel Vri’fro and Jedi Knight Mligken. The remaining cultists were then arrested and taken to a high security prison within Galactic Alliance space.

The investigations began in 270 ABY when Jedi Master Moomin and Jedi Knight Moza Ferorn encountered several members of the cult deep within the forests of Yavin IV. The two Jedi were forced to engage with the cultists, resulting in many arrests and the escape of Logana’s apprentice, Dyfu Jaspero. For the next several months the two Jedi dedicated much of their time to tracking this new threat. Eventually, Master Moomin followed a lead to Tatooine and spent several days there investigating. However, during his investigation Master Moomin was captured and killed by members of The Dark Advocates. Knight Ferorn soon took over Master Moomin’s role as the lead investigator.

It is believed that Jaspero and many other cultists were defeated at a small outpost on the outskirts of Mos Espa by the Jedi, but these reports have not been confirmed. Some cycles later it was reported that Vri’fro and Mlikgen were sent to Dathomir to confront the leader of the cult, though only a few details were given to GHN. However, it was confirmed that the leader was defeated, and that the remaining cultists had been arrested.

272.07 – Elharr Bitim // GHN