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271.21 // Scouts Found Dead on Zvarma Outskirts

As the  rebuilding efforts on Nensil continue smoothly, the Search for Rejok has not found any fruit. Interrogations from rebel generals have been inconsistent as several armed search parties have been led on wild bantha chases, for a lack of a more proper term. Though action within the capital of Zvarma City has been absent since the post-surrender skirmishes, the Galactic Alliance added to their overall death toll by two as both Private Ander Trassk, 18 and Corporal Terro Litous, 21 were found dead early this morning on the outskirts of Zvarma City.

While on a scout run associated with capture effort, the two soldiers gave multiple transmissions of an “all clear” signal to the Alliance base near the Nensil government complex. All would seem well until, as if the two were struck by lightning, their life signs immediately ceased and all communications were cut off from the scene. After a brief period of trying to reestablish talks with the two scouts, the Galactic Alliance sent a party of seven armed troops to their most recent location. What they found were two corpses of their fallen brothers, their heads separated from their shoulders. Immediately scouring the area, the group of seven managed to find no traces of the killer. Upon further inspection, the beheading attacks were shown to be, unmistakably, from the energy blade of a lightsaber.

Following these reports, Senator Kalerro Holdim of Nensil, who has been on Coruscant since the violence erupted, issued a statement and a promise to his people:

To start off, I must send my deepest condolences to the soldiers we lost today, and all of the families who have seen their sons and daughters risk their very lives for freedom and democracy for our great Galaxy. In light of the fact that Rejok has yet to be found, I will be setting out a bill to the Senate to request more troops so that this chaotic Dark Jedi be found and brought to justice. I will promise you all, citizens of Nensil and the entire Galactic Alliance, that this man will have his just deserves.

Though the Senate seems to agree with Senator Holdim about the need to capture Rejok, they are skeptical as to whether or not more Galactic Alliance troops will garner a more positive effort in capturing the rebel leader. Some members, such as Senators Yela Arrancar of Muunilinst and Ezik Coraz of Aleen have suggested formally requesting the aid of the Jedi Order, though this movement has often been shot down by the opinion of General Dex Thesor, who continues to insist the Galactic Alliance can handle its internal affairs on its own.

Whatever the decided course of action, Galactic HoloNews will continue its ongoing coverage of the Search for Rejok.

271.21 Elharr Bitim // GHN