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271.01 // Death of a Jedi

It is with a heavy heart that The Jedi Council reports that the body of Jedi Adept Ryrek Flavius has been recovered amongst the wreckage of his personal Interceptor ship. The Jedi Council was alerted of an automatic distress signal as Ryrek’s craft came crashing down into the courtyard of the Temple during a heavy lightning storm in the early hours of 271.01. The Masters of the Temple immediately made their way to the crash site, and Ryrek Flavius’ body was identified by Master Corinth and Master Kevari. Moments after identifying the body, the two Masters were injured when the craft suddenly exploded. Both sustained mild-to-moderate injuries, and are expected to make full recoveries.

The crash is currently being investigated as an accident, with the belief that the engine failed after a surge of electricity shot through it when it was struck by lightning.

A funeral will be held for Ryrek Flavius later today, 271.01

– The Jedi Council