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271.03 // Galactic Alliance Gains Upper Hand, Loses Felion

After many hours of battle in the space surrounding Nensil, the two mysterious rebel ships that took the offensive against the Galactic Alliance support ships have at last been destroyed. In the process however, the Galactic Alliance ship Felion and its stationed crew have all perished in the defense of Nensil. Suffering from the combined effects of engine failure, shield generator failure and communications disruption, the capital ship fell rapidly onto the surface of Nensil, where it eventually found impact in a large, deserted plain and subsequently exploded.

Despite the loss of its heroic soldiers, the Galactic Alliance now dominates Nensil space as the Titan and Skywalker received no more than repairable damages. As the battle of Zvarma City still rages, the Galactic Alliance forces can fight with the confidence that only utter control can bring. Stay tuned to Galactic HoloNews as we cover what looks to be the terminate tide of the Nensil Rebellion.

271.03 Elharr Bitim // GHN