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270.30 // New Variables on Nensil

Though the Galactic Alliance has found success in retaking multiple cities in the northern hemisphere of Nensil, Zvarma City remains a heated battleground as opposing capital ships add pressure to the operation.

With the retaking of the cities of Mereis and Antimon in the northern hemisphere of Nensil, the Galactic Alliance was optimistic in to eventually take Zvarma City within a few days. These aspirations have been shot down however, as the large city is a described “gundark’s nest”, as rebel resistance remains fortuitous in the capital. In added tension, two rebel capital ships have emerged from unknown parts of Wild Space, critically damaging the Alliance ship Felion after dropping from hyperspace.

With their efforts distracted once again, the Galactic Alliance has its hands full. In addition to the new variable of heavy space combat, the Dark Jedi from our exclusive footage has a confirmed identity as the Jedi Order has commented on the obscure warrior:

From a series of mission reports received from multiple Jedi from our branch on Yavin IV in the past, we have almost clear proof that the Dark Jedi seen in the footage on the Galactic HoloNews carries the name of Rejok. Though our records are not thorough, we advise the Galactic Alliance great caution in dealing with this individual, as he appears to be the leader of this rebellious group.

The Jedi Order failed to comment on whether or not they will be assisting the Galactic Alliance, though the individual Rejok has yet to be seen on the battlefield since the release of the early footage of the battle.

270.30 Elharr Bitim // GHN