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270.11 // Nensil Accepted into the Galactic Alliance

A planet on the borders of Wild Space gains representation in Coruscant after many sessions of deliberation…

The Galactic Alliance has a new planetary addition today as the government of Nensil, a planet not far from the Rishi Maze, has gained the representation of its people in the Senate. In addition to receiving representation, Nensil will be receiving federal grants to boost its fledgling industry of shipbuilding. The vote showed a 73% approval statistic in adding Nensil to the Galactic Alliance, though not without some past quarrel.

On 269.08, Governor Maylock Ovilat of Nensil traveled to Coruscant in order to lobby for his planet’s inclusion within the Galactic Alliance. With promises of adding more shipyards to be used at the disposal of the Galactic Alliance, the planet’s inclusion seemed almost certain until an investigatory vessel was sent to confirm the Governor’s claims. What was found was a humble yet thriving industry of shipbuilding, but at the expense of slave labor. To the chagrin of Ovilat, it was discovered that slaves that appeared to be of the Shistavanen race were subjugated to the heavy demands of the shipyards. Though the Alliance officials were in no power to cease the workings of a then-sovereign government, they returned to Coruscant with the findings, as the inclusion of Nensil was overwhelmingly rejected with an approval statistic of just 9%. Governor Ovilat made only one reported comment on the outcome, stating that “Nensil’s operations will continue as they have under my administration without regret.”

Though it would seem that there was no hope for Nensil, a changing of the guard was to happen. It was recorded on the rough date of 269.21 that Ovilat had perished in what was vaguely described as a “freak accident” in an unpopulated area of Nensil. Following the Governor’s death, an emergency election was held on the planet to ultimately put Kalerro Holdim, a young man of his late 20’s, in power. Following Holdim’s election, he sought to immediately return the Shistavanen slaves back to Uvena Prime, correlating with a message of good will to the Commonwealth. With the shipbuilding industry replaced with paid Nensilites, corruption was quick to dissipate under the Holdim Administration.

Nensil would again appeal for inclusion within the Galactic Alliance on 269.31, this time being lobbied by Holdim and various Outer Rim systems, including Kothlis and Bothawui. Though a second investigatory vessel sent to Nensil confirmed the freedom of its workers, there remained a worry about the stability of the Nensil economy with the reduction of slave labor. The notion of inclusion received a higher approval statistic of 41%, but was shot down once more.

However, after a cycle of stability and even a boost of efficiency within the Nensil shipyards, the Senate became as relaxed as a bank with a millionaire client and passed Nensil as an entity of the Galactic Alliance. With Kalerro Holdim serving as its Senator, Nensil will at last be officially recognized by the Galactic Alliance on 270.13.

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270.11 Bredlim Koldar // GHN