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270.15 // Mygeeto Recovery Sluggish

The chief planet of the Northern Commonwealth Territory takes an unfortunate hit as a rebuilding project is stalled from a lack of funding…

The planet of Mygeeto has faced many a problem in recent times, suffering from the horrors of war from both the Secession War and the Darth Rishi Conflict. Being a center for economic growth and prosperity of capitalism in most of its history, it has consequently been a target in times of armed conflict in order to weaken its possessor’s purse. Following the Rishi aftermath, a regional rebuilding project was spearheaded by then-Planetary Governor Lila Vark in order to bring the financial sector of Mygeeto back to its pre-war thriving state. After a strong start and large grants from the greater Commonwealth, the project seemed to be running smoothly until the funding from the Commonwealth began to dwindle in the past year.

As more domestic matters have been attended to in the greater Commonwealth area, including the crop scare of Omwat, the increased crime in Malastare and the continual outbreaks of quasi-wars on Rattatak , the resources of the Commonwealth have been stretched so far that the outer stretches of the Commonwealth’s arm have been neglected, more prominently on the opposite side of the Outer Rim. After suffering a cut of 44% of granted monies, the planetary government of Mygeeto refused to raise taxes on its people and continued to lobby for support in Parliament. However, the lack of income combined with the lack of federal funding has now left Mygeeto unable to adequately pay for raw materials, construction droids, and engineers, thus leading to a now-temporal suspension of the rebuilding projects of Financial Districts 26 and 32.

With the galactic economy being in less than favorable shape at the current time, economists and political scientists analyze that Mygeeto will be forced to raise the state taxes of its citizens, taking a large risk in doing so. The people of Mygeeto may be able to pay their share for a time until the bad economy catches up with them, but other options yet remain, including lobbying for the Commonwealth to borrow the necessary billions of credits from the Galactic Alliance. Whatever the case, the outlook for Mygeeto and the rest of the Northern Territory can be described as barely more than bleak.

270.15 Yertek Jon’kal // GHN