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269.29 // An Unchanging Galaxy – A Special News Report

Ever since the last sting upon the Black Sun crime syndicate, there has been a surprising amount of criminal smuggling, sentient trafficking, and other nefarious deeds still going on.

After a recent spike in this activity, I was charged with the investigation by the GHN association to travel to the planet Naboo to see how this criminal activity really affects the people.

When one thinks of Naboo, they generally think of the vast hill country, the massive waterfalls…the start of the Clone Wars. However, when I arrived at the capital, I saw a city which was broken. The streets were plagued with families crying in the streets, men walking around as if lost, and various other levels of emotional disarray. Definitely not what one would expect to see.

Arriving to this, I began to ask the general population what the cause of all this was, the response: “the disappearance of the daughters.”

For the past Galactic Standard year, female children have been disappearing in large numbers all over the planet. Reports indicate that the girls were lured away be handsome males with offers of amazing parties, high life styles, and other offers of grandeur.

With such loss, families have become unmotivated. With this general lack of motivation, the economy has flopped. The state of the planet of Naboo is in terrible dismay.

Not only have females of each species been disappearing, vast numbers of shady men have been reported, each carrying varying types of weapons and looking as if they were up to, for lack of a better phrase, no good. No effort has been made to force these men out of Naboo for fear of further heartbreak.

I left Naboo very disheartened. When I was assigned this report, I was intrigued as to what exactly was going on. However, now, my words here bring no justice to what was truly going on there.

Almost two years to the day, the galaxy has made no change. Crime is apparent. Crime is strong. Crime is here to stay. This has been a special GHN news report by Kelly Abbey

269.29 Kelly Abbey // GHN