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267.20 // Shocking Revelation in Investigation

Possible identities to Trust operatives found

As the investigations continue from the hack on GADDC computer terminals, shocking revelations have unfolded as to who could be behind these acts. GAID officials claim, after scouring the remains of the computer terminal used to hack the database, that the means used to achieve access were the result of what GAID agents use in the field. Whether this means current or ex-members are involved, there is a security breach within the Intelligence Department. GAID officials are also looking into several former members who retired two and a half years ago, and seemingly vanished on any official record. The names of these agents for security purposes were not divulged.

Bothan Senator Ikar Kar’vel, Chairman of GAID’s Appropriations Committee, after having a private conference held with his fellow committee members, Senator Kar’vel condemned the statements involving GAID’s connection to this hacking, and had this to say:

Any current or former GAID agent involved with this terrorist organization will be brought to justice. The very nature of the terrorist organization compromises everything the GA stands for. As such, until the agents involved are found and arrested, GAID will lose 50% of it’s overall funding, and I have been assured by the GAID Director, this will not stop till we have justice.

A loss of half of the GAIDs’ budget will truly affect their role in the galaxy. Hopefully the cost of losing such a budget will allow GAID to quickly and sucessfully pursue the agents responsible.

Continue to keep your eyes peeled to the GHN as we receive more reports into this crisis.

267.20 Jaleel Sa Kint // GHN