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267.02 // GA Database Hacked

Classified information stolen from GA database

Today around 0400GST, a group of xenoterrorists, identifying themselves only as “The Trust” successfully hacked into a secure Galactic Alliance Division for Disease Control medical database, and retrieved several classified documents, in relation to the deadly Krytos Virus. GADDC computer terminals indicated unauthorized access, from a remote location in Coruscant. However when a team of GAID agents sent to investigate stormed the apartment building in question, all they found was a bare room, with a fried terminal. The culprits were not found.

“This has never happened before,” said Agent Peseh, in charge of database security. “If these terrorists manage to create a new strain of the virus, we might be looking at total genocide.” Several investigations have started, looking into who this group, “The Trust” might be. Many citizens speculate that this may be another criminal splinter group, looking to take the reigns of where the Jedi-turned-Sith Lord Rishi failed. Whoever these terrorists may be, having classified information on a non-human killing weapon is something that citizens of the Galactic Alliance should be wary about.

Stay tuned to the GHN, as investigations continue.

267.02 Jaleel Sa Kint // GHN