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266.31 // Ravager Rumble on Tralus

Alliance forces put an end to Razjok’s reign of terror…

Keeping good on their threat, the Rellidir Ravagers managed to take control of the Rellidir Weapons and Technology Facility by force earlier in the cycle, despite increased security measures being enacted following the promise of revenge made by the Ravagers leader Razjok Nebim. After seizing the facility, the barbarous group took the present workers and technicians hostage, demanding that the Galactic Alliance pay a sum of one million Federation credits in exchange for the prisoners’ lives and for a safe transport for the Ravagers out of the Corellian system.

Not eager to accept the brutes’ offer, the Alliance reportedly sent two special agents to infiltrate the facility and disable a shield generator protecting the area from unwanted interlopers, originally used to contain explosions that would potentially happen during normal work conditions. After the forcefield was deactivated, a squad of Federation troops from Corellia landed on the site and engaged the Ravagers, eventually resulting in an Alliance victory and arrest of the surviving members of the Ravagers, including the group’s kingpin Razjok Nebim. Several of the criminal’s hired help were picked up from the ocean surrounding the facilities, evidently having been equipped with life preservers. Meanwhile, all workers taken prisoner in the facility were escorted off the premises and taken back to their families unharmed.

Razjok Nebim is currently being held on Tralus for trial of his many crimes over the years of the Ravagers’ existence. It is projected that Nebim will be facing several life-sentences, and that his now-labelled terrorist group will crumble from lack of structure and numbers, though the Tralus authorities and the greater Galactic Alliance will reportedly remain vigilant of the group for the next few cycles. Galactic HoloNews would like to commend the quick action by the Galactic Alliance, especially due to the event occurring in a post-Sith recovery period.

266.31 Kelfor Vandiir // GHN.