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266.17 // Victory!

Celebrations erupt throughout the GA, Commonwealth and Chiss Ascendancy as Rishi’s Fleet is defeated in a daring joint strike from the Coalition and Jedi Order…

Fireworks were rushed out of the Industrial and Financial Districts last night in an improptu display for the cheering crowds.

Fireworks were rushed out of the Industrial and Financial Districts last night in an improptu display for the cheering crowds.

The Galaxy is once again safe after the success of a daring joint operation between Coalition forces and the Jedi Order. The brave band of fighters intercepted Rishi’s flagship Star Destroyer en route to Coruscant where a Strike team of several Jedi penetrated the hull and fought their way to the command deck. The exact details of the encounter have yet to be declassified, sufficed to, three hours into the operation, Rishi’s fleet ceased to function and most of the vessels were destroyed.

Crowds gathered accross Coruscant to celebrate the Coalition Victory.

Crowds gathered across Coruscant to celebrate the Coalition Victory.

The Operation was lead by Jedi Master and High Council member Phoe Nhix. The High Council, based on Coruscant, announced that he has announced his retirement after the success of the operation and announced Jedi Master Jared Quell as his successor. Master Quell was instrumental in the ongoing investigations into the Anzat assassination attempts on Senators several years ago, as well as the strike team responsible for Rishi’s defeat. He was also trained by the controversial Jedi Master Gabe Alkorda.

Several vessels remain floating in the system but the GA have authorised several major scrap yards to seize the vessels and melt them down for scrap. Meanwhile, Chief of State Tania Felthark publicly praised the efforts of the Coalition Naval forces and the Jedi Knights and Masters responsible for the victory in her public address at the celebrations last night:

We are once again indebted to the valiant efforts of the Jedi order, and extremely proud of the alliance we forged with the Commonwealth and Chiss Ascendancy. The Coalition will no longer exist as a political force, but we will maintain these close ties and friendships we have found in recent days, and carry them forward as we work towards rebuilding both a stable economy and a brighter future.

In other news, a memorial service was held this morning by the GA Navy to honour and remember those who attempted to defend the Bastion outpost during Rishi’s first strike. The Navy assures the families of the casualties that they “…will be taken care of.”

266.17 Spencer Colditch (Ed) // GHN