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266.26 // Ravagers Revenge

The Rellidir Ravagers promise revenge after twelve of their members are arrested…

Razjok Nebim, chief of the Ravagers

Razjok Nebim, chief of the Ravagers

In the aftermath of the fall of the self-proclaimed Sith Lord, Darth Rishi, many criminal groups all across the Galaxy took advantage of the distractions of the aftermath of the many battles and warfare, as well as celebrations, to conduct waves of criminal activities without solid repurcussions. On the planet, Tralus, however, local authorities have taken the one of the first major steps to fighting back, announcing that they have recovered over 300,000 credits worth of looted goods and arrested over two dozen members of the Rellidir Ravagers, one of the most troublesome groups plaguing Rellidir, the capital of Tralus.

In response to this success, however, Razjok Nebim, the chief of the Ravagers, has promised revenge. In a released video statement, Nebim said that “Tralus will soon feel the wrath of our organization. Our power will soon be shown for all of the Corellian system to marvel upon, and no one will stand up to us, not even the Alliance itself. This one small setback will never deter even a single one of us.”

Intelligence experts claim that such threats are normal from criminal groups, and while security in Rellidir will be heightened, civilians have little reason to be worried about the Ravagers at this time.

Naaref Liryc, 266.26, GHN.