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266.15 // Rishi strikes at Ord Mantell

Further destruction is seen throughout the galaxy in this grippingly tragic turn of events…

Master Shindar Vi'al on Ossus circa 203 ABY

Master Shindar Vi'al on Ossus circa 203 ABY

Yesterday, a man known simply as “Lord Rishi” made himself known to the galaxy, upon claiming responsibility for the latest attacks on Bastion, Mygeeto, and now, Ord Mantell. He is also believed to be responsible for the terrible destruction of Cloud City, and the strange death of late Chief of State Megana Tin. His goals seem to include the complete destruction of the Jedi Order, who he is holding accountable for his attacks.

In his message, Rishi promised to kill 200 hundred senators, one senator each minute for the first 200 minutes after he delivered his ultimatum. The very next minute brought the first death, and after the 200 minutes were up, 194 senators had died of seemingly natural causes.

His other promise was to attack a system for each day that the Jedi remained at large. The first of these attacks was witnessed in the early hours today, when Rishi’s mysterious “Imperial Fleet” came out of hyperspace and began a lethal bombardment of the planet Ord Mantell. The Jedi Council had apparently foreseen this attack, and alerted the Galactic Coalition Navy. A small team of Jedi were dispatched to aid the 202nd fleet of the GCN in evacuating the planet. Reports are still coming in, but we believe that the majority of the population was evacuated before the bombardment began.

During the bombardment, a small battle took place in orbit above Ord Mantell, but the 202nd had little to no success in fighting Rishi’s armada. Our sources say that after the bombardment completed, rather than stay and fight further, Rishi’s fleet re-entered hyperspace, and has yet to be discovered. The 202ndreturned to the surface of Ord Mantell to begin looking for anyone who may have stayed behind, as well as to begin relief efforts on the system.

Meanwhile, reports from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant suggest that Lord Rishi is possibly an ex Jedi Master, one Shindar Vi’al, who disappeared from the Ossus Jedi Temple over sixty years ago. GHN Certainly agrees that the likeness is uncanny.

More news as it happens…

266.15 Ja’liil // GHN