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266.28 // GHN LiVE at 1900


Welcome to tonights edition of GHN LiVE, proud affiliates of HoloNet News, I’m Anyatta Antillies.

Peace has been brought to the planet Drache in system 6395:22 after a successful diplomatic negotiation between the planet’s two faction rulers and members of the Jedi Order. Drache, which has been observed for several centuries only achieved Hyperdrive capabilities in 245 ABY. The planet itself was divided into two factions, the Heebra and the Woosri and aggressions between the two groups have been constant throughout Drache’s history.

The landmark peace deal will unite the factions under a single Drache Council, encompassing members and elders of both Heebra and Woosri parties and the planet’s holy lands, currently wasteland due to years of warfare, will be terraformed using loaned technology from both the GA and CW. It is hoped that in a few more decades, Dache will be ready to join the extended family of galactic diplomacy.

In other news Senator Boomta Seccura from Ryloth has resigned from his position as representative of Ryloth in the Galactic Alliance Senate. The move comes after months of speculation about possible arms deals between the Seccura Family and Fourth Class economies throughout the far rim.

Seccura Stocks mysteriously fell this morning after several Million shares went missing from the Seccura holdings, all recent acquisitions dating back two years, an unprecedented growth in spite of the current economic climate.

Meanwhile, anonymous charitable donations were made just two minutes later to a number of charities focusing on freeing slaves and disassembly of terrain arms such as land mines. The GA Intelligence Division cannot further investigate the donations and possible slice, because charitable donations are protected under Federal Law.

It is believed Boonta Seccura will be succeded by left wing lobbyist and advocate of female rights, Poonta’agril.

And finally, this afternoons Podrace on Kiffex went without a hitch with Triffian pilot Ebe E. Endocott VII coming in first place, breaking his family’s historic podrace slump dating back to the Boonta Eve Classic on Tatooine some two centuries ago.

That’s all from GHN LiVE at 1900, see you again in an hour.

GHN LiVE was brought to you today by HoloNet News and Incom – maintaining Galactic Liberties since the Battle of Yavin!