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266.11 // Mygeeto Massacre

The Planet Mygeeto falls victim to the ‘Imperial Fleet’ just twenty four galactic standard hours after the attack on Bastion. Millions are feared dead…

Scrambled Holovid caps convey the scale of the attack...

Scrambled Holovid caps convey the scale of the attack...

Mygeeto has become the second planet to incur the wrath of the apparently Imperial fleet. A Large number of Star Destroyer class vessels dropped out of Hyperspace at 0700 hours local time, the first of which flew into the atmosphere on a collision course with the capital city Jygat killing millions in seconds.

The assault continued for three hours with thousands of ground troops, kitted out in Imperial era Stormtrooper armour, landing on the surface and murdering survivors as they fled in terror. The attack was recorded on holocams funded by the Financial Insurance company Gesh-bos. Commonwealth Security officials based on the banking planet engaged the troopers in guerilla fighting, yet even they could not hold back this seemingly unstoppable force.

Commonwealth Military advisers are piecing the footage together in the hopes that it can be reviewed in the emergency summit being held today on Coruscant.

At the time of transmission, no party has yet made a claim on the attacks.

266.11 Spencer Colditch (Ed) // GHN