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266.10 // Bastion Outpost Burns

The Bastion Outpost, training grounds for the GA Navy, is attacked and destroyed in an unprecedented attack…

The Planet Bastion

The Planet Bastion

Reports from the Braxant Sector this morning confirmed the shocking news that the Galactic Alliance Naval training facility located on the Planet Bastion has been destroyed. All 17,000 GA Naval personnel are believed to be dead.

The attack occurred in the early hours of the morning. Long range scanners confirm that a fleet of vessels with unusual Ion Engine signatures pulled out of Hyperspace before bombarding the planets surface.

Perhaps more disturbing than this profound loss of life is the revelation that this attack was possibly carried out by some kind of Imperial Remnant. The only transmission successfully intercepted from the planet has been leaked to the media:

..fourteen of them. Star Destroyers, they seem beaten up but fully functional…ttacking us with transphasic energy blasts, our shield generators cant hold out much longer… by the Force… Stormtroopers… Repeat, enemy personnel appear to be stormtroopers!.. *Static* general has some kind of lightsaber…it cant be!…*Static* <audible screams>…

As yet, no government has taken responsibility for the attack. Chief of State Tania Felthark has called an emergency joint meeting between the Senate and the Peoples Commonwealth.

Rest assured viewers, as the events unfold, GHN will be right there with you.

266.10 Spencer Colditch (ed) // GHN