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266.12 // The ‘Galactic Coalition Navy’

As the Galaxy reels from two brutal strikes, a symbolic union is forged between The Galactic Alliance, The Peoples Commonwealth and The Chiss Ascendancy, The ‘Galactic Coalition Navy’…

The Galactic Coalition Navy

The 'Galactic Coalition Navy'

Desperate times it seems call for desperate measures, as this evening Chief of State Tania Felthark, Peoples representative Mao Toobrinsan and Chaf Regent Samael Nuruodo announce a symbolic and military union that will temporarily unite the three galactic power houses in the fight against the apparent ‘Imperial’ Forces responsible for the attacks on Bastion and Mygeeto.

The ‘Galactic Coalition Navy’ will begin pooling technologies and other resources to develop strategies to combat the fleet while their motives remain unknown. It is hoped that the combined efforts of these governments will be able to prevent atrocities on such scale from occurring again.

What this will mean for the GA Navy or the Commonwealth Naval Corps is uncertain. GHN remains sceptical about collaboration with the Secessionary war still fresh in the minds of some of the more experienced service men and women from both sides. More perplexing still is the involvement of the Chiss Ascendancy who have bypassed galactic affairs for the better part of the last century.

Chief of State Felthark elaborated:

We face an unparalleled crisis this cycle. Both the GA and Commonwealth have suffered unprovoked and unexplained attacks on our military and financial infrastructures. Some force seeks to undermine the Peace that has been earned here and create chaos and destruction. By working together, along with our brothers from the Chiss Ascendancy, we hope to eradicate that force, to maintain galactic peace.

The move seems profound, but sources closer to Felthark suggest that this collaboration has been a long time in the works with initial military conferences being held as early as 263 ABY. Whether the Galactic Coalition Navy can put an end to this destruction remains to be seen, but it seems churlish to criticise the sentiment.

266.12 Bob Baxter // GHN