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266.02 // Mithra-Strohna Recovered – Crew Missing

The Yuzhan Vong vessel Mithra-Strohna is recovered from the Unknown Regions, its crew are nowhere to be found…

Map explaining the known trajectory of the vessel and where it was later found.

Map explaining the known trajectory of the vessel and where it was later found.

The Yuzhan Vong vessel known as Mithra-Strohna disappeared early in 264 ABY. Over a year and a half later, the vessel has been found and recovered from wild space thanks to a chance encounter during hyperlane route plotting by a team of Corellian astrophysicists. The team alerted the Yuzhan Vong who two days later sent a team of Warriors aboard the ship to determine the fate of Mithra-Strohna’s crew.

The Warriors returned from the vessel after only two hours aboard before authorising the Corellian team to enter the vessel. Doctor Stezen Hawkwind described his encounter to GHN;

It was like the Ghost Ships you hear about as a child. There was no sign of any of the crew. Workstations had been left during what we could perceive as operations, food had been left uneaten, but there was no sign of blaster fire, plasma fire…no evidence of any struggle at all. It was as if the crew had simply left the ship…taking no escape pods with them.

GA Scientists, working for the Investigation Bureaux, were concerned that a new kind of Biological Weapon may have been deployed. The Vong Warriors and Corellian astrophysicists were subsequently detained and quarantined for a cycle. No evidence of any infection or biological agent was found though and Doctor Hawkwind and his team were released yesterday where they have since contacted GHN.

Mithra-Strohna will be recovered by the Yuzhan Vong, it is unknown at this time what will befall the ill fated ship but the mystery surrounding its crew will inspire conspiracy theorists and paranormal fanatics alike for years to come.

266.02 Beth Cala // GHN