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265.13 // Dama Steps Down

After the loss of his family, Benjamin Dama Steps down announcing Tania Felthark as the new Chief of State…

Benjamin Dama has announced his retirement from politics this morning after losing his family in a shuttle crash earlier this year. Former Secretary of State Tania Felthark was voted to succeed Dama by his administration and the former Chief of State announced her succession during his leaving speech.

I no longer feel it appropriate for me to lead the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances. I have suffered a terrible personal blow, and in the interests of the populace at large, I will be stepping down from office today. Secretary of State Tania Felthark will succeed me in office… She is a good woman, and one I am confident can weather any storm. It has been an honour to serve this great Federation and to continue the work my good friend Megana Tin started.

Tania Felthark becomes the new Chief of State tomorrow on 265.14 after she is sworn in to Office. After Dama addressed the media, he handed over to Felthark who said;

I am profoundly saddened by the loss of Benjamin Dama as our Chief of State. He has worked tirelessly these last years and it is with a heavy heart I take up his mantle. At the same time I am optimistic that this administration can continue along the same path, steer us out of the current Economic Crisis, and put the ghosts of the Secessionary War to rest once and for all.

It is believed that Benjamin Dama will retire to his family home on Corellia where he will continue his work with his Charity organisation Children of the Future, who build schools and other key facilities in regions still affected by the recent conflicts.

265.13  Spencer Colditch (Ed) // GHN