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265.10 // Undercover Operation a Success!

A five-year undercover operation finally comes to fruition

Authorities report that The Falcon’s Grasp, a major crime syndicate in the Corellian Sector, has been at last vindicated and disassembled due to the efforts of local agencies. The comprehensive five year undercover operation involved the selective planting of agents, who slowly worked their way through the ranks in order to gather critical information for investigators, ultimately yielding what some call a “full success”.

The operation culminated in each of the deep undercover agents luring Falcon’s Grasp leaders to planned locations for capture and subsequent arrest after the interrogation of certain syndicate officers made it possible to obtain access codes to hideouts and other headquarters. Galactic Holonews is able to confirm that Kinglim, the defacto leader of Falcon’s Grasp, and at least ten of his top officers were taken into custody, as well as approximately two hundred syndicate operatives that were in the facilities at the time of the coordinated raid. Local police forces within each of the twelve systems affected are still in the process of taking leads and information obtained from confessions to try to track down remants of the cell.

Director and Lead Operator of Undercover Operations for the Corellian Security Force (Corsec), Corinth Alkorda, hails the take-down:

…a monumental accomplishment at the end of five years of hard work. Our actions will stand as a brilliant blade held against those who seek to destabilize peace on our home worlds, and will be a constant reminder that they are not welcome here.

Senator Jaina Helmn of Corellia speaks of planned ceremony to honor Corinth Alkorda, now canceled. Her reasons were as follows:

I spoke to Corinth about holding a ceremony and celebration honoring him, for through his leadership and inspiration within his organization, he helped us to achieve the impossible. He told me that he’d much rather have the credits spent on improving conditions for the impoverished on Corellia, and in the end wouldn’t hear anything else about the planned ceremony. When I met with him again yesterday, I presented him with the Corellian Emerald of Valor, a testament of his service.

GHN met with Mr. Alkorda for a brief interview, which he reluctantly agreed to:

GHN: You seem to have the gratitude of a dozen systems, Director Alkorda. After years of a brittle relationship, it appears that Corellia has done well by aligning itself with the Jedi again.
CA: I left The Order, and am a Jedi no longer.
GHN: It would seem, Director Alkorda, that your recent actions demonstrate a different answer.
CA: (Looking out the window) Yes, I suppose one cannot simply walk away from such a path.

At this point in the interview, Mr. Alkorda seemingly vanished, leaving the interview incomplete.

GHN has been unsuccessful at subsequent attempts to locate Mr. Alkorda for further comments.

265.10 Naaref Liryc // GHN