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263.15 // Galactic Credit Down 15 Percent

Chaos ensues in Coruscant’s financial district as new cracks in the foundations of galactic commerce emerge…

San Hill VII Resigns after Galactic Credit plummets.

San Hill VII Resigns after Galactic Credit plummets.

For the first time in over a century, the Galactic Credit is down by more than 8 Percent. The unprecedented fall, at 15 Percent, could cost many financial district workers their jobs. The senior partner at The Bank of Coruscant,  Mr San Hill VII from Muunilist, has resigned after issuing the following public apology;

Some serious mistakes have been made over the last five years that have lead to this difficult situation. Many of those mistakes were made under my watch. I have no excuses but hope that in time, history will tell both sides of the story and recognise that these mistakes were made under exceptionally difficult circumstances. That is all.

A barrage of rotting produce was thrown at the Muun as he entered his Electrum gilded hover-limo to escape to an undisclosed location. It’s been speculated that The Bank of Coruscant will bring in outside advisers from successful Commonwealth banking group, The Peoples Bank of the Commonwealth, to help steer the Galactic Credit back on course. The events have prompted an investigation from the Senate and it is unknown how the financial crisis will affect Coruscant and other member systems.

263.15 Spencer Colditch (Ed) // GHN