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262.23 // Podracing Legalized?

Podracing faced the ban centuries ago but could it resurface under the Galactic Alliances’ leadership?

Podraces such as the Boonta Eve Classic could return in the near future.

Podrace's such as the Boonta Eve Classic could return in the near future.

Podracing had been a popular sport in many less-developed worlds across the galaxy, particularly in the outer rim before it faced its ban so long ago. The dangerous sport was outlawed shortly before the outbreak of the Clone Wars due to its extremely high level of risk to the racers’ involved. Many of the popular racers of the time were taken into custody for a number of crimes also leading to the sports downfall in popularity.

However senator Shaildka of Malastare recently petitioned in the senate hall for the aged sport to be made legal once more. The proud dug, made his statement in the senate last cycle concluding;

With our vast improvements in technology over the past two centuries, I see no reason we can not introduce more reliable, and safer vehicles for our racers. With the right care, we can allow the sport to flourish once more.

The Decision will ultimately fall to the GA’s Minister of Recreation (and former Senator of New Alderann) Barabora Rohkee but preliminary polls conducted across constituent planets have been favourable so far. It has been suggested that relations with the Hutt Empire may vastly improve if the Sport is legalized as the gastropods have had a long love affair with podracing and its bedfellow, gambling.

262.12 Eduikala Yucul // GHN