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260.23 // Anzat Assassinations

Incredible spate of Assassinations leaves the village system on Anzat in turmoil…

The legendary planet of Anzat

The legendary planet of Anzat

It has emerged that a number of Assassinations have taken place within the training temples on the Anzat homeworld. For centuries Anzat have trained and honed skills which make them highly sought after bodyguards. Yet behind this culture of servitude and protection lies a past steeped in subterfuge, deceit and assassination. As late as the Clone Wars, the Anzat temple system trained Anzat to be unseen assassins and it seems one temple has turned on the others in what amounts to a brutal civil war.

In the last month three temples have been wiped out with two more suffering the losses of key members. Without the resources to complete an investigation the Flame regions temple hired Kiffar Guardians from the nearby Azurbani system to get to the bottom of the recent attacks. GHN’s sources also indicate that a Jedi Knight was also brought in to aid the investigation.

Only one Anzat trainer has come forward to address the assembled galactic press, Master Pon Fel, also of the Flame region temple;

For one temple to systematically disable the other regional training posts…well the situation is unthinkable but clearly masses of funds and tremendous influence are behind the move. The only motive can be for an unknown backer to conduct key contract killings. In our current state our capacity to self regulate and police has been left greatly hindered so we are working closely with the Guardians from the Azurbani system to prevent contractual attacks.

The situation is alarming and many high profile senators are upping their security, and it seems like the Anzat versus Anzat conflict could spill out into the public domain if Master Pon Fel’s speculations about contract killings prove accurate. GHN will keep you posted of the latest developments.

260.23 Chanrun Doldooba // GHN