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260.13 // Sepan System in Crisis

Increasing pressure in the Sepan system has erupted into violence and Civil War seems inevitable…

After several decades of tense peace between the Dimok and Ripoblus in the Sepan system, a recent assault may have burst up old habits. On 260.11 a Ripoblus terrorist group launched an attack against a peaceful Dimok cult, whose sole mission is to guard and protect the nature of the planet Dimok. Theories are that the terrorists are afraid that this cult is in fact not peaceful at all, hence they wanted to knock them out, before they grew stronger. The Dimok cult managed to resist the attack, despite being outnumbered, but more than 20 out of 54 cult members were killed during the assault, 14 of which were not natively from Dimok. More than 30 terrorists died, before they fled, their number unknown.

It is more than two hundreds of years since the civil war officially ended, but many Dimok and Ripoblus has spoken, that they had foreseen this.
“It doesn’t come as a surprise to us,” said a spokesman of the Dimok government. “We’ve been aware of it, since the cult began to recruit members from other species as well.”

“When it comes to military resources, we are far superior to the Ripoblus. We hope that this warning might end all support from the government to Ripoblus terrorist groups … First and foremost, we will attempt to protect the Dimok from any dangers, and we consider the terrorists dangerous. If we are unable to end this ourselves, we might have to call for help elsewhere.”

He also assured us that if the Ripoblus supported this assault, it might result in an official declaration of war. The Ripoblus government refused to speak to the GHN, but they have stated that they do not support terrorist actions like this.

The Dimok cult, known as the Ighoori Nguh, was formed in 192 ABY by two former Human Jedi. Up until recently, only Dimok members had joined the cult, but there seems to be a growing interest by non-Dimok species. Also among the terrorists attacking, cult members have reported that more than half of them, were not Ripoblus and several Humans were among them. What has driven so many different species to the Sepan system is still not commonly known, but this may very well lead to old wounds being reopened and a fresh civil war erupting.

260.13 Rip Bool’fin // GHN