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260.09 // Caravan Disaster Averted

Ray Scan of the Crash Site

A transport caravan was targeted yesterday in an apparent act of terrorism. Fortunately for the crew and the 900 passengers the quick thinking of two Jedi prevented disaster as the pair forced a crash landing on the slag covered world of Old Humbarine. The cockpit of the vessel was destroyed in the landing and one of the Jedi was killed in the impact, however minimal injuries were sustained by the passengers. The feat has been widely hailed as ‘a small miracle’ by the GA Relief Squad.

Alternating pulse explosives had been placed in the ships starboard ion engine nacels. Investigators have speculated that they had been installed to provoke the maximum level of terror in the passengers before an eventual core failure.

The vessel had been transporting refugees from the New Humbarine colony in the Humbarine sector after seismic activity had lead to widespread power loss and crop failure. The group had set about establishing a new centre of commerce after recent Vong Forming experiments had rendered one of the systems smaller planets (formerly designated Hum-besh-7) inhabitable. The project had been one of the final endeavours to be endorsed by the late Megana Tin with hope that the new Vong Forming methods could be adapted and taken to other wasteland worlds.

The Jedi High Council has refused to name the involved Jedi at this time, what the pair were doing on New Humbarine remains a point of speculation but it seems that on this occasion, terrorism was thwarted.

260.06 Biggs Stardash // GHN