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259.30 // Crippled GA Vessel found

Mystery surrounds the discovery of a crippled GA vessel as 2/3 of the crew are unaccounted for…

Crippled GA vessel discovered

GHN can exclusively reveal that the Galactic Alliance hid the loss of one of its ships three days ago. Contact with the Scythe class vessel operating in the Subterrel Sector was lost and it took the fleet a further 48 galactic standard hours to recover the ship.

Our sources reveal that a search party accounted for only one third of the crew, all of whom were dead. Further investigation confirmed that a majority of the casualties had suffered blaster wounds while others had killed each other or committed suicide using a variety of blunt instruments including ship components. Signature traces confirmed that the blast wounds were inflicted by the E-11 type rifle previously favoured by the Galactic Empire.

It seems the tragedy was covered up by the Galactic Alliance during Chief of State Dama’s difficult transition into power. An official spokesperson for the GA Military has yet to make a comment.

259.30 Chi’tra Rhaulin // GHN