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259.15 // Life Sentences for the Dorin Twelve

The surviving twelve senior members of Dorin’s infamous Gang, the Dor’Shan Shelkats have all been sentenced to life in prison without chance of probation after their arrests earlier this cycle.

The Shelkats, now synonymous with Kel-Dorian popular culture after their glamorised portrayal in Holovids, had been running sentient trafficking operations for decades and their influence on the black market arms deals in the Expansion Region has been suspected for a long time.

It took the involvement of three Jedi Knights however, to bring the group to justice. Knight Ergo Stomi, another Kel-Dor, had been investigating the gang in a rumoured collaboration with Dorin’s home world defence force (known as the DFA) when he was captured by the group. Scant details of his capture are available to the wider press but our sources indicate he was brutally tortured in the twelve months he was held by the Shelkats.

Stomi’s confinement came to an end on 259.12 however when two of his colleagues, Knight Jamus Kevari and Knight Jared Quell (all from the Dac Enclave) infiltrated the Gang’s headquarters equipped with oxygen masks, and engaged several dozen of the criminals in a prolonged lightsaber versus blaster fight. Several criminals died in the encounter including two of the leading gang members. The surviving twelve senior members were arrested by Quell and handed over to the DFA for processing.

The group have been charged with Sentient Trafficking, violation of Sentient rights, Drug Smuggling, Illegal ownership of fire arms, Black Market dealing, Piracy, and Murder. Candidly one of the group told GHN reporters “I’m just thankful to be alive…”

259.15 Spencer Colditch (Ed) // GHN