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258.28 // Saa’chee Scuffle

Yesterday the Corellia based Saa’chee Museum of Intergalactic Antiquities was attacked by a group of mercenaries. It is believed the group were there to steal the countless priceless artefacts and art works held in the museum including Rollock’s No.5, one of the earliest dripping work by Corellia’s revered dripper master.

The group were foiled by the museum security staff, aided significantly by two Jedi, Master Phoe Nhix and Padawan Cyril Feraan. What the two Jedi were doing at the gallery remains a mystery as Franz Saa’chee has refused to comment further on the incident.

In a press release earlier this morning the Museum Director simply stated:

This attack was ruthless. Thank the Force that two Jedi were my guests at the time. No art was stolen or damaged in the attacks and I have my quick thinking security officers to thank for that. The Museum will be closed for an indefinite period of time to allow refurbishments to take place. I have no further comments to make at this time. Thank you.

The attack comes two months after a high profile archaeological find was reported by Saa’chee, an object he believed to be a pre-hyperdrive era power source of crystalline construct, found in the Horuset system.

Spencer Colditch, Editor – 258.28 // GHN